Who we are

Anna Bertills
Co-founder and partner of Bertills & Jung.

Anna Bertills has a master’s degree in political science and has over the past 15 years worked with lobbying at national level. State administration, politics, social relations and legislative work form the core of Annas knowledge.

Prior to co-founding Bertills & Jung, Anna acted as CEO for a large organization active in the health and sports area. Anna is a mother of four who enjoys the blessings of the simple everyday life.

Areas of expertise: Social relations, text and media production, consultancy and lectures.

Linn Jung
Co-founder and partner of Bertills & Jung.

Linn Jung is a journalist and has worked as a commercial media producer and writer in the media industry, mainly focusing on copywriting, web and social media.

For ten years running, Linn has been the author of the award-winning blog “Mama’s got the magic”, one of the biggest blogs written in Swedish in Finland. Linn has a husband, three children and resides in Vaasa, although longs for her hometown Karis every once in a while.

Areas of expertise: Content production, social media and copywriting.

Freelance collective

We’re a small bureau building a large network. In our collective you will find everything from photographers to web designers to translators.

We get the job done through the gig business model and we gladly collaborate with independent freelancers who wish to join us in mutual projects.

Drop us a note at kontakt@bertillsjung.com if you’d like to be a part of our freelance collective.