What we do

Bertills & Jung are creative problem solvers.

We are here to help you convey your message and reach your target audience through razor-sharp strategy.

We strive to establish long-term relationships while we wrap your content in a neat package.
Content production & copywriting

Bertills & Jung produces content for both web and paper. Do you need a hand in composing sales-boosting texts for your website? Sending newsletters to your customers? Summarizing your annual report more creatively? We’ll help you formulate messages that engage the reader, strengthen brands and drive increased sales.

We offer material production and storytelling from scratch, but also editing and fine-tuning of existing
texts. We write articles, ads, manuals, blogs, brochures, annual reports – for companies, associations and organizations.

Concept & campaign

Bertills & Jung creates new concepts and provides support when launching campaigns. Do you need to shape your business in a new direction? Are you intending to launch a new product? Do you want to sharpen your image? We’ll compose and distribute information about matters that are important to you. 

We specify goals, formulate messages and create news about campaigns and concepts in order to maximize your publicity and visibility.

Social media & web editor services

Bertills & Jung develops social media strategies and produces content for the channels you communicate through. We’ll update your profile and manage your digital communication. Do you want to maximize your presence on Facebook? How can you use influencers in your marketing? How do you enhance your digital profile in social media?

Our focus is to improve the performance of your marketing in a natural and simple way – finding the right message for the right audience at the right time.

Social relations & expertise

Bertills & Jung delivers tailor made studies and analytical papers. Do you need consultation for an EU application? Is your organization in need of a larger survey? We’ll guide you through government contacts and assist you with investigations. Bertills & Jung provides information, builds networks and ties links between people and authorities.

Bertills & Jung also holds lectures in all areas of our expertise. We set up writing courses and arrange workshops on how to manage social media, branding and leadership.